Consulting services

Asplund Search can help you and your company on a consulting basis in a number of different areas, including:


Are you a manager or director thinking about taking the next step in your career? We can support this 100 % confidentially.

Starting with a clarifying and non-binding telephone conversation, one or more meetings will be scheduled where the primary focus is to help you land your next dream job. Think of this as reverse headhunting where we find the right opportunities for you.

We can also assist with other topics such as job content, career strategy, your role as a manager or similar.

We don’t have standard packages. A course can be anything from one or two conversations to longer coaching/sparring sessions discussing the things that concern you.

You can also contact us if you are looking for a job outside of your notice period. We would like to offer our assistance at a greatly reduced price.

HR due diligence

If you are looking to buy or merge companies, we can help carry out HR due diligence. Among other things, this might include testing senior employees in the target company, as well as your own employees, to ensure values and personality types match as best as possible from the outset.

Selling a business

If you want to sell your business, we can help you in the process by making proposals to relevant buyers, setting up meetings with them with a focus on the right match.

We use our large network in the construction and real estate industries to find potential buyers.

Contact us at: to hear more about the possibilities for consultancy and sparring.

Let's talk

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need assitance in your next recruitment

The collaboration with Asplund Search in our latest recruitments was really good and they clearly have us in mind during the whole process, and not just during the concrete tasks. Bo’s professional insight is also being used in challenging our assumptions – and done in a very pleasant way.

Lars Bigom
CEO, Sophienberg