Outplacement is a professional career counseling service for terminated directors, managers and employees. The objective is to support them as best as possible following termination, helping them find new employment, sometimes even whilst they are serving their notice period.

Asplund Search specialises in providing outplacement services for employees in the construction and property industries. I help terminated employees and managers find new work, contributing to a positive end to their employment and good employer branding for you.

Professional background

Every process is 100% individually tailored to match the employee’s needs. You get no one-size-fits package solutions or services that are not needed.

I always start from the individual person’s situation, wishes and needs and carry out personality tests myself as well as 1:1 sparring and guidance.

With my professional background both as an employee and manager in the construction and property industries, I can quickly pinpoint the right match, both professionally and personally.

No limitation

I also leverage my extensive networks in the industry to set up coffee meetings and present the terminated employees with possible opportunities. In contrast to most outplacement processes, I am associated with the employee until employment is secured. There is therefore no time limit associated with the service.

This ensures peace of mind, higher quality and a better match between employee and new employer.

Contact me at: bo@asplundsearch.dk to find out how I can help your terminated employees in their future career.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of having Bo as a colleague. He is skilled, serious and professional. He meets everyone at eye level and approaches every task with dedication and great drive. Bo is results-oriented and manages to deliver on all parameters. And then he’s just good company.”

Bertil Andersen
Senior consultant, Master of Laws, Copenhagen Municipality